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1. Select the Service of your choice
2. Complete the online myezapps request
3. A representative will contact you to confirm details
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MyEzApps FAQ's


What is myezapps.com?
Myezapps (powered by the GMF Consulting Group, Inc.) has created Ready-To-Go services/applications for enhancing web site communications. We write the scripts, set-up the database, and provide you with everything that you need to integrate with your new or existing web site.  Myezapps provides the user page(s) and the administrative page to manage your own content.  This low-cost service allows you to update your own content without paying a Webmaster fees associated with constant maintenance.

Why use our services?
There are two parts to creating a Web site.  The design and the applications.  The later requires programming knowledge and skills that are beyond the scope of what designers learn at school.  Templates are now readily available and at very economical prices.  So now that you have a great looking site with relative ease, how do you add those applications that make your site powerful and effective?  Typically you would have to pay a programmer/developer for those functions at developer rates that can range from $100 an hour and more.  With myezapps, however, you save money and time with our ready-to-go applications that require no programming on your part.

Who can benefit from myezapps?

  • Legal services, real estate, entertainment, small to midsize businesses, non-profits, any individual/industry that requires Web-based interaction with their audience.
  • Anyone who wants to create a dynamic web site will benefit. Web designers will save time scripting – and their clients money – while web administrators and smaller web site operations will appreciate the user-friendly browser interface. Updating web site content is a snap and is instantaneous.

How do myezapps work with my site?
Myezapps are linked from your site with "return" links included.  You provide your logo to be included on your page(s) to give your users the same look and feel.  Further customization is available.

What if I have a database or spreadsheet with information that needs to be added?
Myezapps are scripted to our very own pre-created databases populated by your users.  Myezapps can also create custom database services/applications by importing data from your database/spreadsheet.  We can also export data reports and provide them at your request.  Speak to our consultants for details.

What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell or otherwise distribute our customer/client list with any other agencies. Any collection of information made by myezapps is solely to confirm payment validity and to keep our customers/clients informed of new products. Read Policy

How are myezapps set up after I have selected, ordered, and paid?
Your myezapps will be connected within three to five business days.  Your logo will be added to your page(s) and you will receive an amail containing your URL(s) along with admin access and instructions.

Are there advertisements on my myezapps page(s)?
No.  Only your logo and the myezapps application appear on your pages.

What is your Partner program?
Myezapps works with professional designers, free lancers, and novices, network marketers, etc., that have multiple clients/customers.  As such, we offer priced packages based on volume as well as shared revenue.  Income is based on monthly commissions depending on the purchased product(s) for the life of the clients' service agreement.  An excellent income producing opportunity for professionals or anyone just looking at creating extra income.  Contact our representatives for further details.


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