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How to order:

1. Select the Service of your choice
2. Complete the online myezapps request
3. A representative will contact you to confirm details
4. Complete payment via PayPal eMail Invoicing
4. Begin using your MyEzApps services within days

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Partner With Us ... and earn a commission for every person you sign up.

Why is our Partner program right for me?
Becoming an Partner is a great way to subsidize the work you are already doing if you are managing a website. Or, if you would like to monetize your time social networking.

As a MyEzApps Partner, you will gain access to:
  • Compensation for each referred purchaser
  • Online real-time reporting and monthly payment processing
Why become a MyEzApps Partner?
     Earning commissions will be easy if you:
  • Run a popular site with an audience responsive to relevant advertisements
  • Are knowledgeable on how to create a niche
  • Can reach an audience with relevant interests through social networks
  • Are willing to follow all of the guidelines for MyEzApps Partner program

Myezapps Partner program presents the easiest way to start your own small business as a Web consultant.  You manage your clients and collect income without the need to know programming along with the added tax deduction benefits of owning your own business.

With pre-configured applications and easy integration with your clients' web site, you can market your consulting services knowing that they can be up and running in days earning your fees that much faster.

By partnering with myezapps, you have the option of earning steady and consistent commissions based on the volume of clients that you sign. Myezapps applications can put more money in your pocket with less time spent debugging scripts built from scratch. 

  • There are no startup or membership fees or anything of the sort associated with our program.
  • Sign up and track your own accounts.
  • No support required after the sale.  MyEzApps provides all of the support needed.
  • Sign is free.

Become a Myezapps Partner

Cost of an MyEzApps priced at $39.99 a month
Commission set at $9.99 a month (for the life of the clients' service)
Total number of your clients using this one easy app:  100 clients
Total monthly income:  $999.00/month*

Give your clients the power and the ease of use that comes from database-driven content without scripting from scratch with Myezapps. Need an service (application) for a client currently not available with Myezapps?  Let us know and we may be able to facilitate thereby enhancing your commissions. 

Sign up clients and start collecting checks.

Myezapps Partnership based on service level agreement.  All terms apply.  Partnerships are based on residency.  All local laws apply.  Contact a representative for details.


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