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     Free Email Account

We now offer even more features and space for e-mail communications. Mailbox space has been increased to 2 GB*. In addition to POP3, the IMAP mail protocol is also now supported. You can also protect your mailbox with Spam Filter and Virus Scanner.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol-version 3)
POP3 accounts are mailboxes that hold e-mail addressed to you. Every address you create can be personalized the way you want it, and you can configure the destinations.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) IMAP is an advanced protocol for sending and receiving e-mails. With IMAP, e-mails are stored so you’ll have access to your mail wherever you are and on whatever computer you use! Plus, you can easily set up folders so incoming mail can be sorted into the folders you designate.

Included features
■ WebMail
WebMail is a simple and convenient way to access your mail – at any time and from any Internet-connected computer. Read, send and receive mail using your domain name's personalized e-mail account. Access your calendar and contacts and send attachments.

■Symantec CarrierScan Virus Scanner
Keep your mailbox safe with optional CarrierScan virus protection from Symantec. Incoming e-mails are checked at the border of our network, well before they reach your Inbox.

■Spam Guard
All e-mail accounts are now equipped with Spam filtering technology. Customize the level of protection that best suits your needs – low, medium, or high. Then, whenever you receive Spam mail, the message will be marked “SPAM” in the subject line.

■E-mail forwarding
You can easily divert all e-mails received under your new domain addresses to any other external e-mail address.

■E-mail auto-responder
Create an auto-responder to automatically reply to any e-mail sent to a particular address. This feature is ideal if you are on vacation, unavailable, or just want to let the sender know that you have received their e-mail.

■Catch-all e-mail address
Capture all e-mails that have been sent to a non-existent e-mail address at your domain. This is ideal for recovering e-mails that are incorrectly addressed or misspelled.

■E-mail aliases
Set up an individual address for a person or subject to be handled under your new domain name. The e-mails are funneled to any e-mail address you choose.


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