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Classifieds Listings Manager
Add an Easy-to-Manage Classified Ads Section to Your Web site
Easily add a new classified listing through any standard web browser

  • Add a small and large image
  • Add product description, category, full details, contact information, and special information
  • Fully search-able by category, date, and keyword
  • Automatically updates order with each listing added
  • Allow visitors/users to add their own classified listings (requires access

Contact Us Manager
Make Contact Information Easier to Manage and Use

  • Add all contact information including name, address, phone number, e-mail
  • Allow all staff members to enter their own contact info
  • Allow all staff members to retrieve submitted entries via browser
  • Add an optional photo and/or bio
  • Customize auto response to contact e-mails for each staff member

Web Library Online Document Manager
Document Library Manager gives you the power to turn your web site into an online archive and retrieval system that anyone with basic Internet skills can manage.

  • Document Library Manager allows you to store and manage whole libraries of files quickly and easily
  • Useful for several applications including newspaper article archiving, knowledge-based web sites, online lesson plans, and any other type of archived documents
  • Store any type of file including web pages, PDF files, Word documents, JPEGs, MP3s, Flash, software files
  • Fully searchable by date, category, keyword
  • Fully customizable - change it to match your web site design
  • Add descriptions to give users a brief overview of each document, and to help them find it through a keyword search

Web Library Online Secure Document Manager
Control Who Downloads Your Files

  • Control who has access to your download files
  • Allow all file types including PDF, Word, MPEG, Zip, MP3 and more
  • Built-in secured download page - no scripting required
  • Upload and link files through Admin pages
  • Access to both security and download Admin pages through one centralized page
  • Activate, add, delete members from Admin pages
  • Auto-registration allows your members to create their own login and password
  • Auto-email of lost password on Login page
  • Keep your content "members only

Event Listing Manager
Event Listing Manager allows you to manage and display event information on your own web site:

  • List all relevant details including date, time, location, price
  • Add extra details including special information about the event 
  • Upload and display an image
  • List events by category
  • Fully searchable by keyword

Ez Dropbox
Upload and download files to secured online folders. Create your own mobile file cabinet.

  • Upload any files (.doc, docx, jpeg, .xls, ppts, multimedia files, etc.,)
    (Internet connection speeds apply)
  • Download your files at any time any place (Internet connection speeds apply)
  • Maintain online files for one or more use

Ez Podcast Manager
Manage and provide users with up-to-the-minute audio or video media

  • Add/edit/delete entries via secured admin pages
  • Upload .mp3, .mov, m4v, wmv, (Internet connection speeds apply

FAQ's Manager
Easily Manage Your Online FAQ's

  • add/edit/delete FAQ's through any Internet connection
  • Add questions and answers in seconds, and save for instant updating
  • Fully searchable by date, category, keyword
  • Supply related links like knowledge bases, maps, external URL's, support document

Job Listing Manager Easy-To-Manage Job Listings

  • Organize job descriptions by category
  • Search by category or keyword
  • Add job title, short description, details, resume instructions, and department
  • Add pictures and HTML formatting to each job listing
  • Allow applicants to submit resume right from the listings page

Member Directory Manager
List Your Company/Organization Members On Your Web site
Member Directory Manager keeps contact information for your members on one easy-to-access web page:

  • Keep a full member directory neatly displayed on the Contact Us page or anywhere on your web site
  • All members have full contact information including Name, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Department/Category
  • Advanced features allow you to add Profile/Bio, Location Map, Member Picture
  • Allow members to add their own information -- any one with basic browser skills can add, update, and delete directory entries
  • Visitors can e-mail members with just one click

News Manager
Manage All Your News Releases Through Your Web Browser

  • Organize news releases by category, date
  • Search by category, date, keyword
  • Add complete articles including pictures, URL's to outside sources, related news
  • Upload and display an image with the release, including your logo
  • Add in plain text
  • Deactivate news items without deleting

Submit Form to Email  
Form to Mail Submit online entry to specific email without requiring email applications 
Capture information sent by users from your web site in a simple way, even with attachments


  • All fields entered by the user in a form
  • Sent attachments
  • User's country
  • Browser used at the time of submit
  • Server data and time of submit
  • Customize required field

Web Site Links Manager
Manage and display all of your links using any web browser:

  • Organize links by category
  • Search by category, date, keyword
  • Add link, link name, and link description
  • Organize your links by adding Categories
  • Change dead links or remove them with one click
  • Deactivate links without deleting


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